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We believe that agility is a necessary response to the ever-increasing complexity of our products, our businesses, and our world. To succeed, organizations need to leverage the inherent talent and creativity of the people they employ. Agile Coaching, when done with intention and rigor, enables organizations to tap into these talents and bring agility into flow. TBDAgile exists to elevate the skill and competency in Agile Coaching through the emphasis and integration of Thinking, Being, and Doing Agile.

We are committed to partnering with you to develop an unshakeable confidence in your Agile Coaching. To this end, we offer a rigorous and integrated methodology to grow your competency as an Agile Coach, remove your reliance on tools, and increase your ability to forge deep and meaningful connections with your teams and others in your organization. These deeper connections will open up new possibilities of service and leadership as you continue to reveal the most powerful tool in your coaching - yourself. By leveraging research-based models, phenomenological studies, eastern and western philosophies, and various developmental practices, our learning programs offer a deeper way of approaching Agile Coaching to generate lasting change with your clients.
In addition to our teaching and professional coaching, we are agile consultants, and welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you and your organization. Our pragmatic approach to fostering agility in organizations finds its roots in our belief that when people work transparently together, and stay in dialogue, innovation emerges. Contact us to start a conversation about how we can work with you to bring your agile pursuit into greater focus.  


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