Our Approach to

Developing Agile Coaching

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Our approach recognizes the inherent necessity to emphasize and integrate thinking, being, and doing agile. We must Think Agile - that is, gather the domain knowledge that defines us as an Agile Coach. We must also Be Agile, by cultivating those capacities within ourselves that align with the essence of agile as described in the manifesto, principles, and values, including but not limited to developing our presence, empathy, compassion, curiosity, and flexibility. And, we must Do Agile, by being fully engaged in the processes and practices that enable greater flow and flexibility in an organization. Of course, these three components are not linear, and each informs the other. There is a constant feedback mechanism that happens between our thinking, being, and doing. It is, therefore, an iterative and ongoing practice. Through these areas, we can begin to pinpoint and develop the capabilities that allow us to grow as Agile Coaches.

This is our approach to Agile Coach Development at TBDAgile. We are experienced coaches and teachers whose mission is to bring outside developmental approaches into the agile world. As we design classes around these approaches, we view them through the lenses of Thinking (through mental models, sense making, and domain knowledge), Being (though cultivating presence, emotional intelligence, and somatic awareness), & Doing (through interaction and practices). This is what sets our approach apart from many others. We design our classes and workshops with a focus on introducing the practices, principles, and inner work that are immediately beneficial for Agile Coaches. 

Our Offerings

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This 6-month cohort program will introduce you to our Agile Coaching methodology that emphasizes the Thinking, Being, and Doing of Agile Coaching.
Understanding Agile BOX v2.png
A deep-dive introduction to what Agile means, how it works, and to clarify some common misconceptions to help you build a strong understanding of the Agile fundamentals.
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Our Conflict Facilitation master class will help you step fully into this moment so that you can increase the positive outcomes emerging from this often difficult place.

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A 12-week course for those looking to dramatically increase their facilitation skills in general, especially as applied to collaborative meetings and all other moments of collaboration within organizations. 
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Join us the second Friday of every month for a facilitated discussion around what is currently happening in your Agile Coaching and an opportunity to ask questions and seek guidance.