Facilitating Conflict:

Mediation Skills for Agile Coaches

What damage is unmanaged conflict creating in your teams and organization?
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The cost of conflict, when not properly managed, can be astronomical. Workarounds that take the form of lengthy and ineffective processes are often created merely to avoid a problematic relationship or department. We often find ourselves and our teams locked in the fight-flight-freeze cycle with no apparent way out.
We can help you find a better way to navigate the conflict you experience in your organization
Conflict is unavoidable
It's not about eliminating conflict - it is about reducing the negative responses to it and increasing the potential for useful outcomes.

To successfully navigate it, you must understand the path of conflict, the impact it has on you and your workplace, and how to help your teams move through this cycle to healthier and more productive outcomes.
There is a point in the lifecycle of every conflict where it is large enough to be recognized, and still small enough to be resolved
Our Facilitating Conflict master class will help you step fully into this moment so that you can increase the positive outcomes emerging from this often difficult place. You'll explore what gets in the way of successful interpersonal transactions and learn how to de-escalate challenging situations.

We use the Conflict Dynamics Profile as the basis for this course.

The CDP is a powerful assessment developed to prevent harmful conflict in the workplace. It is a research-based model that provides managers and employees with a greater awareness of how they respond when faced with conflict.

Join us for this 1-day master class in conflict mediation. You'll leave with the skills and confidence to begin addressing the conflicts in your workplace right away.
About the Faculty

Katrina Ferguson & Tim Cunnane are ICF-certified professional coaches and have been Agile Coaches for over a decade. They are thought leaders in the Agile community and were Senior Faculty Members with the Agile Coaching Institute, teaching Agile Coaches the art of facilitation and coaching, for 4 years. There are coaches to many Agile coaches.


Katrina is certified by MTI and Eckerd College to deliver the CDP.